CHAP History

The history of Christian Hospitals Association of Pakistan (CHAP) starts with the creation of West Pakistan Christian Medical Association ( WPCMA). The West Pakistan Christian Medical Association in origin an off shoot of the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) in undivided India. Immediately after the creation of Pakistan there was a great need for such association, hence the WPCMA was established. CMAI was established in early years of twenty century which included wide range of large and small institutions like medical dispensaries, clinics, hospitals and Medical Schools. WPCMA was organized on the same pattern, except that in Pakistan there was no Christian Medical College. Institutions belonging to all protestant denominations became the members of WPCMA.

During the annual convention of the WPCMA in December 1965, a few guest observers and participants from Catholic medical institutions representatives of Catholic Health Association (CHA) were also present. Discussion took place with WPCMA as to how it would be possible for catholic medical workers to join the WPCMA. The association passed a resolution admitting individual catholic health workers to membership. The suggestion was presented by the WPCMA that it would seem more effective from overall point of view for many catholic health units to form themselves into a separate association first. The thought was that in this way liaison between both the groups could be conveniently established. The two associations continued the on going communication through joint committees, inter-institutional and by means of interpersonal contacts throughout the years.

The above communication resulted in the emergence of Christian Hospitals Association of Pakistan ( CHAP ). WPCMA and CHA decided to merge into one body called CHAP which was registered with the Government of Pakistan on 21st June 1973 under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is wide, indeed much wider, in the range of its members, considered in terms of their denominations of Christian beliefs, for this reason CHAP has its own constitution.

Dr. Immanuel Benjamin and Mrs. B. Menezes were elected as the first Chairperson and Executive Secretary respectively.
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